1. Limited to 1 case and 1 participant per university for final year dental undergraduate students.

2. Limited to a maximum of 2 supervisors per university.

3. Case selection: Single OR 2-unit Crown (No More than a 2-Unit Crown)

4. Materials will be provided only after vetting of submission.

5. Proposal/Participation form should be sent to and should be completed as instructed.

6. Only complete Proposal/Participation sent in by 15th February 2019 will be considered for the finals competition.

7. 3M reserves the right to disqualify any pre-submission proposals should it be incomplete or not be up to the required standards. Decisions will be at the discretion of the organizers.


1. Full presentation must be submitted in MS PowerPoint to by 15th April 2019.

2. ONLY 10 minutes will be allocated for each presentation.

3. The number of slides is between 25-35.

4. Wide Screen format, 16:9

5. Slides must be simple and informative.

6. One slide may contain no more than 4 photos.

7. The presentation must include:

a. Introduction to the case

b. Chief complaint and history

c. Pretreatment extraoral and intraoral examination

d. Charting and clinical findings

e. Radiographs

f. Treatment options, plan and prognosis

g. Sequence of treatment

h. Post-treatment extraoral and intraoral condition

i. Complications that encountered

j. Conclusion

k. Acknowledgement

l. Reference

8. All photos must be original, clear and related to the case. All photos must not be blacked out.

9. All participants must submit a completed consent form.


1. Full presentation must be submitted in MS Word & PDF to by 15th April 2019. Printing of the report is not required.

2. Only 1-2 pages allowed.

3. Number of words is between 1000-1500 words including acknowledgement & references.

4. Each page must follow either one of the examples and format given on the website. The font is Times New Roman. The font size is not fixed.

5. Case Summaries must be simple and informative.

The Case Summary must include:

a. Introduction

b. Simple Case Report/Steps

c. Discussion & Conclusion

d. Acknowledgement

e. References

6. All photos must be original, clear and related to the case. The dimensions of the photos are up to your creativity.

7. It is good to include the 3M logo in your case report as acknowledgement.


CASE EG1.jpg
CASE EG2.jpg
CASE EG3.jpg



Judging criteria.jpg


Terms AND Conditions

1. Each university are only allowed to send one team for each category.

2. Participants must be a registered dental undergraduate students from the 13 dental institutions in Malaysia.

3. Each participant is only allowed to join only one category as all competitions will be conducted simultaneously.

4. Registration fee is RM25 per participant. Fees will be collected after the registration has been completed and confirmed. Please send your fees to your team captain (self-elected) and the team captain is responsible to send the money to the following account and email receipt to

Malaysian Dental Students' Association (CIMB Bank)

5. Each participant that wishes to join the competition will have to download the registration form, fill up and must be completed with the signature of the Head of Department/ Lecturer from the given department. For example, Prosthodontics competition will require the signature from the Head of Department of Prosthodontics in each University.

Note : Prosthodontics Competition will close its registration by 15th of February 2019.