004 | Kokila Subramaniam (UKM)


“ Ever since I started Year 3, I've been assigned to many patients but none of them have attended any appointments. Its either they're not interested in getting treatment or they fail to attend appointments. I've always felt frustrated about this because everyone else is moving forward but then there's me. But then, the other day I had a walk in patient who requested for scaling and it's the first time I did scaling on someone else besides my partner. When we were done, she asked me for a mirror and when she saw herself she said "thank you so much ma, I've done scaling before but it was never this clean. I never knew my teeth can look this clean and white." Then before she left, she gave me a warm hug and she wished me good luck. 

Amidst all the stress and the hardships we face everyday, each day presents its own set of unique joys and challenges. Let us not forget that the greatest rewards are intangible. The joy of changing a person's life by giving him or her a beautiful smile cannot be measured. The satisfaction of restoring a person's dentition so he or she can enjoy food again is worth more than gold. The opportunity to relieve pain and suffering is a rare privilege. 

I took this picture of the sweet aunty as a reminder of the heartfelt `thank you` that made me glow all day, and the hug that let me know that I'm earning my place on this planet.  For that, I can take honest satisfaction. “

Name : Kokila Subramaniam

University : UKM

Year : 3