013 | Khasvinder Kaur Sandhu (MMMC)


“ Dentistry I'd say is just like hiking. This is because to get to the peak of the mountain, you ought to overcome the hundreds of obstacles; from falling down, to running out of breath even to getting so tired till you feel like giving up, but you keep pushing through it all because at the end of the day, it is all going to be worth it.  The most emotional moment as a future dentist is as irony as it might sound is when your patient smiles from ear to ear, flashing their teeth because they're just happy and glad of the treatment and hospitality that you provide to them as a dentist. Yes, there are many obstacles that we have to go through, such as sleepless nights and for that I thank coffee for being my one sole companion keeping me awake the entire night. But let's look at the brighter side, in a few years to come we are gonna look back to all of this and think, we made it. We are finally dentists who are gonna treat our patients just like our own family member because if we treat patients as just a "customer", we are never going to create a bond with them. On the other hand, when we think them as our very own family, we are gonna give them our best and  radiate warmth to them just like the sunshine in a cold winter. Throughout my dental journey, there are many things that we learn and my favourite amongst the many is that failure is a part of winning, but quitting is losing. There are times where we fail and not reach to our expectations, but guess what? Those failures are what's gonna motivate you to do better and mould you into a better version of yourself . All in all, my dental life has been a bittersweet one which I'd cherish till forever. "

Name : Khasvinder Kaur Sandhu A/P Thasbir Singh

University : Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC)

Year : 3