“ How do I feel about dentistry? Generally, I feel that dentistry requires a lot of hard work and patience. We don’t grow up and become a great dentist overnight. We train, underwent hardships and uncountable failures to understand what it really takes to be a good dentist. 

Look at this SPECIAL tray. It’s SPECIAL because it’s created specially for the patient, that particular patient only. No other people in the world would fit into this tray. This is the same as there would be no one who understands your struggle or stress being a dental student except yourself. Hence, to strive in dentistry, you ought to be SPECIAL, discovering your own ways to overcome whatever hurdles that come in your way. 

And yes, that’s what make dentistry so SPECIAL. We do not just treat the teeth, we are treating the patient as a whole. That’s what makes my love to dentistry grow fonder day by day. “

Name : Lim Jihn Shiarn

University : National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Year : 4