019 | Lo Szi You (USM)


"See no treatment, hear no treatment, speak no treatment"

For so long, people have equate dental treatment to something evil. Something that should be feared and loathed. Some parents threaten to bring their children to the dentist when they misbehave. Others would do anything to avoid visiting the dentist even if they can do it.

However, it's time for a change! Dentistry is not just about drilling, filling and repeat. Its about building trust, providing comfort, and making people's lives better.

Let us start knowing the people on the dental chairs. Knowing them on a deeper level, knowing their needs, their struggles and issues. Knowing these people who trust in us and are willing to let us treat them. I believe, words do spread. And soon enough. Children will ask to see a dentist on their own, and people will no longer fear visiting dental clinics.

Name : Lo Szi You

University : Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Year : 5