027 | Faziatul Adawiyah (LUC)


“I’m scared”

“Don’t be. I will be here for you. It won’t take too long. Just for a few minutes okay sweetheart?”

I do always wonder how people can treat other people very nicely despite of their tiredness during works.

This doctor had taught me about patience. He always speak nicely to his patients. He knows how to deal with his paediatrics patients. He won’t raise his voice to the nurses. He loves to teach us in a simplest way and he loves to smile.

He always say ‘Treat people nicely because we don’t know what they are dealing in their daily basis’. That is his motto and that makes me really adore him so much.

You are my idol, Dr!

Name : Faziatul Adawiyah Binti Radzuan

University : Lincoln University College (LUC)

Year : 4