029 | Muhammad Fakhruddin (UiTM)


“ I used to read to my children bedtime stories when they were younger. Now, with dentures, I am able to do so again but this time, with my grandchildren ” said this uncle.

The amount of trust and patience a patient has for us dental students, are enough to keep us going even through the toughest of times - multiple impression takings, teeth set-up that takes forever in order to achieve the ideal occlusion, denture processing errors made in the lab, re-base denture, etc. 

Even when our hopes of completing our requirements to graduate on time seem dull every now and then, but knowing how much we can improve our patients’ overall quality of life, really puts things into a whole other perspective. Our patients are not items in our requirement checklists; our patients are people who genuinely require our expertise in the dental field for so many reasons - be it dental pain management, to improve masticatory functions or even for esthetic improvements.

In the end, seeing the delighted looks on our patients’ faces after months of waiting, is reward for both the patient and the student.

Name : Muhammad Fakhruddin bin Zul

University : University of Technology MARA (UiTM)

Year : 5