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Hi everyone! Have you heard about World Oral Health Day 2019??! FYI, it’s an international celebration initiated by World Dental Federation (FDI) celebrated on 20th March every year. The theme for this year is Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health! It’s aimed to:

1. Motivate people to take action to protect their oral health at all stages of life, by adopting good oral hygiene habits and addressing risk factors; and

2. Drive people to have regular dental check-ups to help in the prevention, early detection and treatment of oral diseases and recognize it as an essential step in safeguarding overall health.

Let’s challenge my pose! To participate in the photo competition organized by Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) in collaboration with Oral Health Programme (OHP) Ministry of Health, Malaysian Dental Deans’ Council (MDDC), Dental Services of the Malaysian Armed Forces (DSMAF) and Malaysian Dental Students Association (MDSA), click the link below:


For more information on Rules & Regulation, please visit MDA website at:


Cash prizes await!!!

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