*** announcement ***

All competition has extended the deadline till 8/4/2019! Hurry up and complete your registration as soon as possible now!




1.      Limited to 1 participant from each university for 5th year dental students.

2.    There will be a “Hands-on Competition”, the participants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills by working on a dental training model in a simulation lab. The challenge could be: single unit composite build-up using 3M Anterior Strip Crowns

3.      Participants will be given a time frame of 2 hours

4.      Each participant will be given a basic set of instruments which includes the following :

    1. Mouth Mirror

    2. Explorer

    3. Plastic Instrument (Ash 49)

    4. Ball burnisher

    5. Composite (Filtek™ Z350XT Body)

    6. Single Bond Universal Adhesive

    7. Soflex™ Polishing XT Discs

    8. Soflex™ Polishing Spiral

    9. Soflex™ Polishing Strip Fine-Superfine

    10. Elipar™ Light Cure

    11. Mandrel

    12. Anterior strip crown x 4 sizes (participant to choose 1)

    13. Dental scissors

    14. Mixed Dentition Typodont

5.      3M reserves the right to disqualify any submissions should it  be incomplete or not be up to the required standards. Decisions will be at the discretion of the organizers.

6. Proposal / Participation form should be sent to and should be completed as instructed.

7. Only complete participation form sent in by 8th April 2019 will be considered.






Terms AND Conditions

1. Each university are only allowed to send one team for each category.

2. Participants must be a registered dental undergraduate students from the 13 dental institutions in Malaysia.

3. Each participant is only allowed to join only one category as all competitions will be conducted simultaneously.

4. Registration fee is RM25 per participant. Fees will be collected after the registration has been completed and confirmed. Please send your fees to your team captain (self-elected) and the team captain is responsible to send the money to the following account and email receipt to

Malaysian Dental Students' Association (CIMB Bank)

5. Each participant that wishes to join the competition will have to download the registration form, fill up and must be completed with the signature of the Head of Department/ Lecturer from the given department. For example, Prosthodontics competition will require the signature from the Head of Department of Prosthodontics in each University.

Note : Pediatric Competition will close its registration by 8th of April 2019.