About mdsa


Malaysian Dental Students' Association (MDSA) was established in 2013, to unite dental students in Malaysia under one official body. Malaysian Dental Students' Association (MDSA) was also referred to as "THE SOCIETY".

In the past, communication between dental schools has been poor and little was known about other degree programmes across the country. THE SOCIETY is founded by a group of enthusiastic senior dental students and young graduates from a number of local and foreign universities, with several aims in mind: promote networking and communication between dental schools, establish its credibility as the only national organization that represent the interests of dental students among the Malaysian dental community and among potential sponsors.


our objectives

THE SOCIETY will be an organization that:

  • Networks and fosters friendship among dental students

  • Facilitates communication between dental student societies 

  • Advances the rights, interests and welfare of dental students within the institution and externally, including at local and international level 

  • Provides services, information and education for professional development

  • Identifies and promotes changes in dental education, registration and other policy by liaising with relevant organizations involved in these areas 

  • Increases public standing of dental students among external individuals and organizations 

  • Promotes and cultivates interest in research amongst Malaysian dental students 

  • Coordinates community service program between dental student societies  

  • Ensure and coordinates the annual Malaysian Dental Students’ Congress (MDSC)



MDSA Original Logo.png

Tooth outline – resembles our identity as a dental students and future dentist, a title that we bear through our lives.

Hippocratic oath symbol – to remind every student their responsibility to treat every patient honestly and sincerely.

MDSA – symbolizes the allegiance of THE SOCIETY to the pledge of Hippocratic Oath.

2013 – the meaningful year of the establishment of Malaysian Dental Students’ Association.

White colour – symbolizes goodness, innocence, purity that all dental student should posses.

Blue colour - symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, that the leaders and students of THE SOCIETY should aspire to have.