“This year, my team and I will work hand in hand with our President, Joshua and other members of MDSA to kick it up a notch for a better reach towards our organization.

Firstly, my team and I would like to thank you for trusting MDSA and giving us a chance to advertise on a high scale platform. For your company to advertise us it’s indeed a privilege and honour. My team and I will cater to our sponsors needs immediately and efficiently. Moreover, we also will try to make our packages as convenient as possible for our sponsors.

Furthermore, we would like to get the word out that any kind of sponsorship your company is willing to offer will be highly appreciated. Definitely as promised our objectives and the sponsors objectives will be aimed to achieve. MDSA is definitely thankful for our previous and upcoming sponsors kind intentions which helps us grow as a whole as an organization. Thanks to our sponsors we are able to grow bigger and better every year.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sangeethaa Periyasamy
Sponsorship & Marketing Bureau Officer
MDSA 18/19


Why Sponsor Us ?

  • MDSA is an entirely non-profitable, self-sustaining, student-run project and it is one of the largest and most established dental students’ projects throughout Malaysia.

  • Recognition and identification across Malaysia. YOUR COMPANY will have the opportunity to publicize and advertise its products and services, not only to the public but also the population of students and staffs of local and private universities from all over Malaysia.

  • Investment to explore the potential market or prospective clients and expand the market to facilitate customers and prospects to differentiate from other sellers

  • A long-term investment (human resource) as YOUR COMPANY is made-known to public and gain publicity among varsity students as well as dental students in Malaysia that will bring benefits in a long run.

  • Demonstration of good corporate citizenship that enable YOUR COMPANY to meet “Corporate Social Commitment”.

  • YOUR COMPANY’s image will be raised and regarded as a company that is concerned about the development and education of young budding undergraduates in Malaysia, thus connecting target prospects emotionally.

  • Serve as a way to help promote Malaysia as a fast-developing and unique tourist attraction.

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