ULW 2.0 X UiTM


1. Nur Amirah Binti Hamid

Amirah thrives to pursue her passion for sports in the midst of juggling her life as a dental student. She believes that dental students must have a different outlook to sports and should never neglected them no matter how busy life gets! In 2009 to 2015, she represented Malaysia in sailing. She won 2nd place in 4.7 World Regatta in 2010 which is an International World Sailing Competition. She also represented Malaysia for the Sea Games in 2011,2013 and 2015. She bagged another 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. She truly feels that this is her biggest achievement yet! However, she remains humble and continues to work hard. She is thrilled and honoured to have been given the opportunity to travel all around the world for competitions and training. She’s been to countries such as Australia , Turkey , France , German, etc. She believes that as dental students we should not be too caught up with our studies, requirements and exams. Instead, we should be more holistic. She hopes that in the future, more dental students will aspire to take up sports seriously and compete internationally.