MDSA EXCO 19/20 Recruitment

Application period : 18/3/2019 - 8/4/2019



Central Executive Committee

1. President elect

-   Assisting the president in executing his/ her obligations during the entire tenure

-   Capable of running the office with alliances of the president and manage non- urgent issues in the absence of the president (outstation)

-   To be involved in understanding the management system of MDSA and work ethics of the association in all matters

- Commence his/ her role as the next president as soon as the current committee is dissolved during the AGM


-   Able to work in MDSA for at least 3 tenures as president elect, president and immediate past president

-   Has leadership experience and willing to learn the management system of MDSA

-   Has good command in English and BM (preferable)

-   Willing to attend various MDSA events and affiliated associations’ meetings and events

2. Secretary

-   Maintain the general filing system, organise and file all correspondence

-   Ability to provide professional official letters and documents needed for event and networking

-   Providing secretarial report and meeting minutes

- Prepare documents needed for renewal of e-ROS

-   Other secretarial duties and assistance as needed by the president.


-   Has good command in English and BM (preferable)

- Familiar with Microsoft Word, Google docs and sheets, or is willing to learn and adapt accordingly

- Preferably based in KL

3. Assistant secretary

-   Assist the secretary in executing his/her obligations

-   Writing and proofreading documents/ posts prior to release and publications


-   Has good command in English and BM (preferable)

-   Ability to proofread documents within manageable time

4. Treasurer

-   Overseeing the management and reporting of MDSA’s finances. This includes bank account maintenance, monitoring financial transaction, budget planning, signatories of transactions, updating the financial standing to the committees.

-   Ensure a balanced financial position at the end of each term


-   Has a high sense of integrity and honesty when managing the accounts and transactions

-   Experienced/ have knowledge in managing bank account, budget planning, and transactions

- Preferably based in KL

5. Assistant treasurer

-   Assist the treasurer in executing his/her obligations

-   Collect and oversee every financial transaction together with the treasurer

-   Follow up on every treasury reports from each respective event


-   Have basic knowledge in managing finances and accounts or is willing to learn

General Executive Committee

6. International liaison and public relations director

-   Liaise with local, regional, international dental students societies and associations

- Represent Malaysia as National Exchange Officer and responsible for liaising with Local Exchange Officer in every university

-   Responsible for student exchange programs; bilateral exchange between countries

-   Engage our society with future collaboration opportunities with international societies


-   Able to approach other dental societies with confidence

-   Good social skills and maturity in making decisions

7. Sponsorship and marketing officer

-   Actively engaging and search for sponsorships from companies and organizations

-   Follow up closely thereafter with respective sponsor companies and organizations .

-   Ensure the terms and conditions stipulated between MDSA and the sponsors are met

-   To compile a report at the end of the term for documentation and for sponsors viewing

-   Prepare content of the sponsorship booklets to approach sponsors


-   Experienced/knowledgeable in sponsorship matters, if not, eager to learn and improvise his/ her approach to sponsors

-   Preferably based in KL

8. Multimedia and IT Officer

-   Responsible in maintaining and updating the official website and all related social media including Facebook, Instagram with relevant information, approved designs and event matters

-   Responsible in producing videos for MDSA when necessary including promotional videos or events


-   Ability to use Video Editing softwares with proficiency

-   Familiar / eager to learn the designing and management of a website

-   Willing to attend various MDSA events

9. Academic and research officer

-   Responsible for the column “interview with experts”. This includes leading the team and arranging interviews with various experts and editing podcasts.

-   Liaison personnel between MDSA and MDA in coordinating events such as MIDEC & SCATE Mentorship Programme with the dental students in Malaysia

-   Responsible in managing and liaising together with the President with regards to local and international research initiatives and opportunities that can be offered to MDSA members


-  Proficient in English

-   Able to attend SCATE and MIDEC

10. Events and planning officer

-   Coordinate all MDSA events with the overseeing of the President

-   Spearhead the events, form and head Local Organizing Committee of each event

-   Advise Local Organizing Committee on the organization of events, seminars, itinerary, accommodations, promotions, sponsorships, secretariat works.

-   Collect post-event secretarial and treasury report


- Versatile in ideas and handling situations during any event

11. Welfare and advocacy officer

-   Organize events or initiative that will promote the welfare of MDSA Privileged Members (PM)

-   Responsible for the privileged members system including PM benefits, PM discounts, PM Membership Status, neat organization system of PM from each universities.

-   Represent the interests of MDSA members in legislative and regulatory issue along with the President


-   Familiar with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets/ Google sheets or other documentation applications

12. Design and Publication Officer

-   Responsible for the designs and creations of all MDSA publications, banners, posters, photos, etc throughout the entire tenure

-   Responsible for the production of the annual MDSA newsletter


-   Ability to use photo editing software such as adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop and etc

-   Able to work within the rational given time

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