International Association of Dental Students (IADS)




  • The International Association of Dental Students was founded in 1951 in Denmark, in order to serve the educational needs of dental students throughout the world. Representing the interests of the more 200,000 dental students in around 60 countries worldwide and having it’s headquarters at the FDI World Dental Federation headquarters in Geneve (Switzerland), the Association strives for educational and scientific excellence throughout the international projects and initiatives it manages.
  • The dental students’ educational needs sometimes go beyond the dental curriculum and clinical practice within the Faculty, the students feeling the necessity to taste extracurricular activities such as being engaged into abroad internships, prophylaxis/ voluntary activities, media or other ones, this way becoming leaders of their dental student community. The International Association of Dental Students has constructed it’s foundations and goals in order to serve and fulfill those kind of educational development necessities, and throughout the past decades it has successfully managed to build international projects for the aforementioned purposes.
  • Reaching the clinical dental aspects of another country or University can now be easier done through the IADS International Exchange Program, the dental students being able to participate in up to 4 weeks dental clinical internships. The International Dental Research Program gives the opportunity to dental students of working in dental research projects abroad, thus educating and creating the tomorrow’s dental researchers. Prophylaxis and Voluntary projects are organized in each member country separately or in a remote destination around the globe in order to serve the ones in need of dental healthcare. The voice of the worldwide dental student community and dental research advancement can be heard through the IADS Magazine and the “Dental Students’ Research” Journal. IADS Training Program, IADS Lecture Contest are designed to train dental students and offer them the opportunity to compete throughout the results of their research work.
  • The final goal and one of the most important is to get all the dental student leaders worldwide together during the IADS Annual and Midyear Meetings, in order for friendship and unity to create long-lasting bonds which will leave it’s landmark on the development of our student community and on the future of the Dentistry profession itself.

IADS Exchange Portal Instructions


*** For privilege members only ***

  1. Create an account at IADS EXCHANGE PORTAL with an active email address.

  2. Wait for your account to be approved (usually 7 days), or before that if possible, try to scout around the website if there’s any university that you are interested in. Preferably few universities as there are no guarantee in getting a spot in any university (mainly first come first serve basis and depending on the respective university).

  3. See what are the documents that the university require.

  4. The document “APPLICATION FOR CLINICAL EXCHANGE” is mandatory for all applications on the exchange portal regardless whether it is mentioned or not.

  5. Fill up the form, make sure all details are correct, get it signed and stamped  by respective Deans. Then scan and send it to the National Exchange Officer (NEO) at for his/her signature to complete the application form. The NEO will send back the signed form back to you within 7 days.

  6. Applications will only be approved if all the required documents are uploaded.

  7. Once your application(s) is approved from our side, the NEO will direct you to the Local Exchange Officer (LEO) of the university, or wait for the LEO of the university to contact you.

  8. Any queries regarding your application, you may ask or comment in the comment section provided on the website.

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*Please note that the currency rate difference varies from time to time, the prices on the portal are just rough estimation of what you will have to be paying.
*Please do not make any bookings (especially flights) before receiving letter of confirmation.
*The mode of payment and who to pay to will be arranged by the LEO of the specific university.
*Please keep the proof of payment just in case.



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