1. Goh Wei Horng is a 5th year student who takes art as his passion. His love towards art started since he was 4. He then attended trainings held by master Koay Shao Peng, principle of Classical Art Centre, until he was 17, which later inspired him to open art classes and start teaching the others. The talented lad has bagged countless prizes since he was young, for instance Creative Calligraphy competition in NDSSC 2016 & 2017 and Oral Cancer Research & Coordinating Centre. Among all, Creative Calligraphy competition in NDSSC 2016 is considered to be the most memorable prize as that was his first dentistry related competition where he was managed to crown as the winner. To add on, he was once a member of APDSA Malaysia design team committee. There has never been a time where he feels like giving up on art despite hectic college life, instead he uses his free time to draw as drawing, being his hobby, relieves his stress. Lastly, he wishes to pursue in esthetic dentistry as he believes that art has a significant correlation with dentistry. He said “DENTISTRY= Doctor+Engineer+Artist”, hence in order to be a good dentist, creative, artistic and knowledgeable are elements that one should have.

2. Venoshine is a 5th year BDS student who does not only excel in the dentistry field but also has a passion for sports. She decided to pursue track and field at the age of 23. Since then, she has bagged countless medals such as gold and MVP for NDIVG 2017, gold for Higher education sports fest 2018 and many more. Despite having so much to deal with, she makes sure to spend a minimum of 2 hours studying everyday, as she strongly believes that consistency is the key whether it comes to studies or training. There are days where she feels demotivated, however that does not deter her. Especially when she has very supportive lecturers, mentors and the Dean of PIDC standing by her. The most memorable experience she has ever had was when she took part in a competition in Perlis, which happened to be on the weekend before her 4th year finals. She managed it well even when it was risky. This has taught her that it’s not about how much you are able to prepare in the last few days, but rather how much you have been preparing yourself throughout the year. Lastly, she has high hopes to make it into the SEA Games 2019 National team.


3. Andre Yapp is a 4th year student from PIDC who not only has a knack but also is fond of music. It was never his plan to pursue music as a major field, however after coming back from Salem, India, he had the urge to start again. He auditioned to be a gig performer to improve his skills, which was a huge success as he is now a part time gig freelancer in bars, hotels and events. His musical journey began at the tender age of 6 where he learned to play the keyboard and sing in church. He joined a couple of music festivals back then as a kid and won a couple of trophies, however, to him, it was never about the competition. It was the way that a song could make someone feel which made him feel whole. Although the hours in college is long, which forces him to sacrifice some sleep and play time for everything to work, there are times where he felt defeated and drained, but he does not have an ounce of regret for he firmly believes that life is about growth, a constant stretching of our capabilities and to step out of our comfort zone. The most fulfilling experience he has ever had was to hear people’s applauses and to have them complimenting his voice after a song. He does not know what the future holds but he guarantees that he will be a dentist by day and a gig performer by night as life is more than dentistry.